1. Before the trip:

1.1 Please make sure you and your companion have a valid PASSPORT.

1.2 Please email Norma at your flight information, so we can check that you arrived safely. Also if you have any questions or concerns or need help.
1.3 Some airlines that have charter flights in case you are still looking for a flight:
Fly Frontier
Sun Country
Viva Aerobus
* Please be aware of the luggage charges of these airlines.

1.4 The following apps check several airlines at once:
Skyscanner (Android/iOS)
Hopper (Android/iOS)
1.5 To get your round trip from airport to Mastermind Location:
Cancun Shuttle
Happy Shuttle Cancun
Top Cancun Shuttles


2. What to bring for the Trip ALSO SEE ANNOUNCEMENTS BELOW:

2.1 Do not bring lots of cash, maybe $200 in small bills, tips are included and they take credit cards for anything else.
2.2 For excursions you can also pay online or with your credit card.
Amstar is at the resort for you to purchase excursions, request my 15% discount as a member of UVC.
2.3 Some specialty restaurants in the resort have a dress code as follows:
Men: Long pants and collar shirts, no flip flops
Women: Casual cute dresses, no flip flops
2.4 While at the resort you will be asked to attend a presentation for UVC membership, you are NOT required to attend, Dennis thinks is an interesting presentation, we have enjoyed our membership for many years. Please let them know you are with Norma and Dennis Henson group.
2.5 Don’t forget your sunscreen!